Kickboxing Training – Get in Shape Fast!

Kickboxing Training is a very effective method of training for building strength and endurance, and properly done will allow you to quickly reach maximum form. This program uses equipment such as heavy bags, speed bags and other devices that are known to anyone who has watched boxing training on television, and consists of the trainer making a series of strokes and kicks, just like karate, usually in three-minute rounds with a minute gap between them.

There are many other varieties, but this is the most common form.

A heavy bag builds strength and power in the muscles, while different speed bags increase reflexes and speed. During this workout a significant amount of calories are burned because they can be quite strict when performed by an advanced trainer. Start slowly, performing two minutes each with two minutes of rest between them. This will allow you to make an effort before starting a more intensive workout.

Use the heavy bag for the first round and switch to the speed bag for two rounds. After 2-3 weeks of this workout, increase your workout to the average level by performing three rounds of three minutes each. The first round should be a heavy bag, for two rounds you should use a speed bag, while the third round should be a reflective bag. Do this training for three weeks before you reach the advanced level, which is done in the following way:

Speed bag – 3 minutes – Use the fast, light, circular punching movement to build speed and coordination.

Minute rest

Heavy bag – 3 minutes – Alternating punching and digging while increasing power by hitting the bag in different places and at different heights.

A minute’s rest

The 3-minute floor-standing reflexive bag is available in most sports goods stores and is a great addition to any home gym. Hit this bag with different punch styles, using both speed and approach power.

Jumping or running in place – 3 minutes – Repeat this sequence as conditioning allows.

As you can see, rest periods remain for one minute and training rounds for three minutes. This is based on traditional boxing training, which imitates the real combat times of a match. To make this training more interesting, pretend that you are in a real professional fight and dance around the bump and sting while avoiding and weaving to avoid the blows of an imaginary opponent.

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